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Q. What protective equipment do I need?

A. A helmet is required as a minimum and you will not be allowed onto the track whilst wearing skates without one. Protective gloves or wrist pads are recommended but not necessary as these do provide an element of protection from grazing and fractures in the event of a fall. Knee pads again do help protect the knees but are not mandatory.

Q. Will everyone be too fast for me?

A. Training is structured for all ability levels. It is recommended that you have the ability to skate without close support. You will be grouped with skaters of similar ability and you are only expected to do what you feel comfortable doing. If you feel an activity is beyond your capability please make the coach aware and he will either provide you with another activity or allow you to sit out the activity. Remember, this is firstly about fun so there is no pressure to join an activity if you feel uncomfortable.

Q. What if the track is wet or slippery?

A. Before every session begins the track is assessed for skateability and if the track is deemed too wet or slippery due to leaf debris, water or ice the session can be turned into an off skate session. It is recommended to have a pair of sports trainers in your kit so that you can participate in these off skate activities. If a prior decision is made about weather affecting a training session it will be advised on the LSST Facebook training page and an alternative activity might be provided eg. Zwift session.


Q. How do I join a Zwift session?

A. Once you have become a member of LSST you can ask to join the Strava LSST club. When a session is created a Strava invite will be posted on the LSST Team Training Facebook page. This will the allow you to join a planned activity.

Q. Do I need to be a seasoned cyclist to attend.

A. No. As with all of our training there are activities available for all levels. Zwift will often establish the category or pace of activity for you once you are familiar with how it works. Please check the goal of the activity before accepting the invite.

Q. Do I need special equipment to be able to Zwift?

A. You will need an indoor trainer that is capable of connecting to Zwift. We recommend perusing the Zwift website to get a better idea of what is required prior to joining and you will find that there are some members that will be happy to provide insight and information once you have joined up. We also recommend using Zwift Companion App to assist with your sessions. A road cycling bike is recommended as the gearing does help you keep pace with the group.

Q. Is there a particular virtual bike combination to use in Zwift?

A. We have provided the following information about getting the most out of your Zwifting gear, especially now that Drops store is live. There is an impact in terms of your choice of Frame and wheel set translating in your in-game speed. Getting the best combination based on the type of riding you do is best. For most of our club events that would be mixed rides.

You can find a shortlist on Zwiftinsider of the best Frames here:

In short you are looking at:

#1: ZWIFT CONCEPT 1 (TRON) - (unlock steps here: This is a very long process, so you should start the challenge as soon as possible.

For most people new to Zwift you are really looking at this bike:

#6: SPECIALIZED ALLEZ SPRINT - 127,800 Drops to purchase, must be Level 14+

For wheels similarly the best choice for most is going to be:

#5: ZIPP 808 - 177,600 Drops to purchase, must be Level 13+